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A new railway in China


In 2014 China will open a new branch of high-speed railway, which will unite the state capital and main city of the province Lyaolin.

Thanks to this train, which will reach the speed of 350 km/hour, passengers can reach the destination in just two hours.

Now between the cities of Beijing and Shenyang runs only one passenger train.

These towns in addition to rail traffic is connected by airlines, which are much more popular among the passengers due to the duration of the journey – duration of the train track is about 10 hours, while the plane covers this distance in an hour and a half.

After the launch of the new railway route passenger traffic should be evenly distributed between the flights and W/d message, according to the initiators of the construction.

High-speed railway Beijing-Shenyang, the length of which will be 7.5 km, will be part of a high-speed passenger railway line Beijing-Harbin.

Stop on the route of the high-speed train Beijing-Shenyang:

  1. Beijing-North
  2. Sinha, Chaoyang district
  3. Shunyi-Western
  4. Huairou South
  5. Miyun East
  6. Xinglong West
  7. Chengde-South
  8. Pinyuan-North
  9. Newhalen
  10. Hazza
  11. Chaoyang North
  12. Beipiao-East
  13. Fuxin North
  14. Heishan North
  15. Xinmin North
  16. Shenyang

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Date of publication: 03.01.2014

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