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Boryspil enhances security


The administration of the Kiev airport Borispol informs that, as of midnight, July 30, 2014, increased security control of the terminals and in adjacent areas.

This time the security check Borispol will be subject not only to all passengers, without exception, but their companions, the meeters and greeters. In this regard passengers are advised to arrive for registration on the flights in advance, taking into account the need for passing enhanced control additional lead time.

For each input group arrival and departure airport installed additional monitoring points, working independently at the entry and exit of passengers. The point security controls will be strengthened by the internal divisions of the airport, relevant organizations and forces of the interior Ministry.

In addition to the airport complex of the airport Borispol will be strengthened security measures at railway stations and adjacent territories.

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Date of publication: 30.07.2014

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