Car rental in Пунтаренас

do you Want to rent a car in Пунтаренас? On the website Online Tikets to choose and order a car quickly and conveniently, because for each city there is a large selection of vehicles for the different models, categories and configurations. In addition, during checkout, you can enjoy various additional options such as baby seat, car bassinet for infants, a GPS Navigator and more.

Thus, you can not just order a car to rent, but to find optimal set of additional functions and services that will make your journey as comfortable, pleasant and safe.

To rent a car in Пунтаренас you can choose any the most convenient point of car collection available on the menu — the station, airport, downtown, Parking at a large shopping center or hotel where you are staying. Just click on the appropriate item to open the directory cars.

A list of available car contains all the necessary information — the vehicle make and model, type of transmission, number of seats and other data. Price car rental Пунтаренас the page directory is specified by default after 10 days of use. To view the lease terms for the selected machine details, click the «choose» button in the appropriate field. In the opened page you will see all detailed information about the car, conditions of hire, the procedure for receiving and returning the car, as well as a calendar, with which you can set the desired date and period of lease. Here you can also select additional services, if necessary.

Note: On most cars extends a special offer at a reduced cancellation period. Make sure to review this information so that, if necessary, you can cancel your booking without penalty from the rental company.

Car rental in Пунтаренас is the best choice for travelers who value their personal time and comfort, as a rented car allows you not to depend on the schedule of public transport and taxi service, providing full freedom of movement.

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