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Return tickets

The refund of tickets for concerts

Purchased event tickets refundable and cannot be exchanged. Refunds for tickets purchased to concerts is only if the event is cancelled.

According to Ukrainian law, if you cancel/transfer/change of the event refund is made by the organizer of the event. The terms, conditions and refund tickets in such cases as set by the organizer. For activities that have been replaced or moved, in case the buyer does not agree to the replacement/transfer, the funds are returned before the day of the event.

Refunds for tickets in such cases is only possible provided the delivery ticket. There is not refund for lost or damaged tickets, including tickets, on which there are any corrections or if any artificial way hidden information.

How to return the ticket to the concert:

To the email address buh@expresstour.dp.ua send information about the tickets that you want to return. This information must be specified:

  1. The reason for the refund
  2. The cost of the tickets
  3. Payment date
  4. Card number, name  and INN of the card holder, which will be the return
  5. The ticket number
  6. Payment number
  7. Contact phone number

Return tickets for the train, bus and plane

On return flight, bus and train tickets please contact us by phone +38(044) 502-74-38.