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Wi-Fi at the airport in Warsaw has become more accessible


Warsaw Chopin airport has made social network of the Internet Wi-Fi even more affordable: at the airport you can use the Internet unlimited amount of time.

If previously, passengers could use the free Wi-Fi Warsaw Chopin airport is only a one-time password that was issued individually after passing the security checks and scan your boarding pass with a special machine, now access to the world wide web became more democratic and accessible. Now to gain access you need only specify the address of your e-mail.

The connection to the Wi-Fi network Chopin Airport lasts two hours, and then it's automatically disconnect. But now to connect to the network again can be an unlimited number of times, whereas previously passengers could use the Internet only once in half an hour.

In addition, now the network coverage of the wireless Internet extends not only to the departure lounge, but also on the public area of the airport.

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Date of publication: 26.08.2014

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