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Chess in the open air in Prague


Those who can and loves to play chess will surely appreciate the charm of the Prague innovation: from August 2014 in the Czech capital, there was a public chess tables. To use them absolutely free, anyone can.

Now on city streets bordered installed chess tables with sets of game pieces. To play a game of chess can be almost any time — the figures are free standing on the streets every day from morning to evening, and will remove them only at night.

Where can you find outdoor chess in Prague:

The author of the innovations was a Czech entrepreneur, shop owner ondřej kobza, who in August last year, has already organized such a cultural action – then, thanks to public figure on the streets of Prague there were 5 pianos, which can play anyone.

Piano in Prague established in 2013 at the Masaryk station, the Main station, Peace square, near the philosophical faculty in a summer cafe in the Summer.

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Date of publication: 04.08.2014

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