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The Himalayas in rent


The government of Nepal is going to redirect the interest of tourists to Everest other peaks of the Himalayas.

For this purpose it was decided to transfer to Himalayan peaks to private tourism companies. The Ministry of tourism of Nepal believe that the firms that received the temporary use of the Himalayan peaks, will actively advertise and promote among their customers upgrades on their assigned altitude.

This will reduce the flow of climbers and tourists wishing to climb the famous mountain peak, and also to remove a huge queue at the foot of Everest.

The whole plan of the Nepalese Ministry of tourism involves the transfer of a lease 326 mountain peaks.

As reported by Mohan Krishna Sapkota, the representative of the Ministry of tourism of Nepal, talks about the temporary transfer of the Himalayas to private property has already begun, so in the near future mountain tourism in Nepal will reach a new level of development.

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Date of publication: 24.03.2014

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