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Germany: paid beaches on the Baltic coast


In Germany in the summer of 2014 appeared paid beaches – municipalities of the coasts of the Baltic and North seas took the decision to change the status of some beaches. Now tourists and local residents will have to pay for entrance to the beach.

Paid beaches in Germany explained the high cost of maintenance of coastal areas, provision of sanitation and the work of rescue services. The need to open the paid beaches, the city authorities explain the fact that the budgets of the cities are not always able to cope with this financial burden alone.

But local residents, this initiative caused an outcry because, as they say, taxes, they pay regularly, and not so young, and natural objects-forests, mountains, beaches and the coast must be open and accessible to all.

As an example, the unreasonableness of such additional fees is Frisian, Hukill in Wangerland, whose residents are forced to pay €3 for a simple walk on the coastal zone, even if they are not enjoying the beach.

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Date of publication: 18.07.2014

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