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European airlines allow electronics


Before the end of November 2013, the European aviation safety Agency (EASA) will publish regulations governing the use by passengers in-flight electronic devices.

EASA decided to develop a manual designed for airlines, after the office of the Federal aviation administration of the USA approved the use of electronics to passengers during the whole flight.

In EASA emphasize that mobile devices during flight will only work in "flight mode".

The Agency does not exclude that further the possible certification of the use of mobile phones onboard aircraft to make calls that are now permitted after the climb.

New EASA rules regarding the use of electronics will only apply to European airlines, but the airlines will have to decide whether to give its passengers the green light to use mobile devices during the whole flight, or to leave in force the previous restriction.

But if the passenger carries with him, for example, the laptop, the use of such equipment during take-off, landing or taxiing is still prohibited, for safety reasons, because of his uncontrolled movements can cause injuries to other passengers.

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Date of publication: 14.11.2013

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