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British Airways likes women pilots


According to the management of Airways, the company plans to increase the number of women pilots on flights of civil aviation. The airline officially announced that in the near future when applying for courses for pilots special preference will be given to women candidates.

To actively carry the idea to the masses, British Airways has already released a propaganda video in which two sisters from Dublin, now working pilots on the lines of the airline, talk about the piloting of planes the job of your dreams.

The largest number of women pilots in Europe today runs on Lufthansa flights (about 300 pilots women), whereas in British Airways, the number of male pilots in 18 times exceeds the number of beautiful ladies. And in the US market, the difference is even greater: from 123 thousand active pilots, only 6.6% were women. And this despite the fact that over the last number of the American pilots on civilian flights has increased by almost 20%.

But if the airline is trying to be loyal to pilots women among the passengers the mood is not very optimistic. According to the results of researches some 51% of respondents do not trust the pilots in the skirt and would not want to fly on a plane operated by a female pilot.

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Date of publication: 26.11.2013

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