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Mosaic of Siena Cathedral is opened to tourists


Good news for art lovers and fans of ancient architecture.

From 18 August to 27 October 2014 Siena Cathedral is open to tourists access to the famous floor mosaics.

Duomo di Siena, Gothic Siena Cathedral, is one of the most famous and popular in Italy.

Especially renowned for its wonderful floor mosaics, constructed from tiny pieces of colored marble.

The uniqueness, historical and religious value of these mosaics lies not only in peculiarities of methods of their creation and authorship of the stone panels (on the sketches of these floor paintings was a famous Italian artists of the XIII century).

50 Church of the subjects of the messages are deep philosophical and religious meaning, tell us about the path of virtue and describe how to achieve enlightenment and inner harmony.

Every year many pilgrims and tourists eager to get into the Cathedral, but the famous mosaics are usually closed to the public, but now anyone will be able to see the mosaic of the Siena Cathedral. The price of admission to the Rooms of Siena Cathedral – just €3.

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Date of publication: 28.07.2014

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